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You Must Know the Best Way How to Pass the Exam

how to pass the examA doctorate comprehensive exam is usually given by professors to gauge how knowledgeable their students are in their class. Most of the time, the exam is given in the latter part of the year where the students have to go through tons of material to prepare themselves for the toughest examination they will receive. The comprehensive exam can vary depending on whether you are an undergrad or a graduate as well as what course you have taken. You can be a student at Columbia University or any other university, you have to pass such exams. It’s no wonder you’ll be wondering how to pass the exam as this type of exam can have a huge impact on your overall performance at school.

What You Need to Know on How to Pass the Exam

For those who need to take a comprehensive exam, it’s either you take the written exam or an oral exam. There are some schools that will require the student to take both to really test their mettle. The scope of the test will be similar to both written and oral examination so there is no need to worry about studying twice. The written exam can take up to two days to finish depending on the format of the school. The oral exam can span for hours with you having to defend your knowledge about the topic given.

You are also responsible for setting up the time of your oral examination based on the availability of your professor as well as securing a room for your presentation. Passing the comprehensive exam is guaranteed to be difficult but with the right preparation, you will be able to go through it with flying colors. These 15 tips are quite helpful in letting you know about passing a comprehensive exam for the PhD.

  • Get information about historical debates. Try to develop personal arguments and interpretations.
  • Note all the text that you’ve read when creating a reading list.
  • Discuss your dissertation in detail. It is important to keep all the information about it.
  • Give long answers during the oral exams. It is quite helpful to do.
  • The theoretical concepts and key terms need to be must be defined properly.
  • Follow the actual order of the written exam. This is quite important to get success in it.
  • The key terms that can fully define your field must be added too. Focus on these points.
  • Focus more on the comments on your written exams. These views are more feasible to get the job done in the appropriate manner.
  • Make stacks of notes and articles pertaining to each exam on the day of the exam.
  • Throughout the process, stay in touch with your advisors. This helps more in getting better knowledge.
  • Look into the software.
  • Give review to the synthetic textbooks.
  • Give ample time to it.
  • Read the introduction of books.
  • Make sure to focus on questions.

comprehensive exams

How to Pass Comprehensive Exams like a Pro

It is important that you pass your comprehensive exam as it will determine whether you are qualified to pursue further knowledge about your course or if you need further studying. For graduate students, you are required to complete your comprehensive exam which can be referred to as generals, prelims, or major field examination. One of the best ways to pass this difficult challenge is to ask your supervisor what subjects will be included in the exam. Since you are loaded with the materials you will need for your test, you will have to sift through your papers to get the information you need.

This will take time and most PhD preliminary exam will take days or months to finish depending on the requirements of the school. The comprehensive exam needs to be taken within a specific period of time. You should check what the possible subjects are that will appear in the examination proper. Facing issues regarding clearing your PhD comprehensive exam? You simply have to follow these tips for passing this exam like a pro. Let’s do it now in this way.

  • Readout every detail carefully. You have to keep every info in mind with their proper reference.
  • The sources to study must be trusted. You can gather details from the books and journals.
  • Never add up the incorrect information. The assessment team is clever enough to spot your mistakes.
  • Discuss the points with an expert. This would be ended up in the successful outcome.
  • The tips and tricks to do this task more efficiently can be followed. You should go for it.
  • Do not include any information by yourself. Each word must be meaningful to perform this task.
  • Keep the latest conducted researches in your documents folder.
  • Learn to write before appearing for the exam.
  • Start at least few months before to study the collected material.
  • Learn all the major aspects of writing in the PhD exam.

how to pass the exam

Need Help in Passing the Exam?

If you are wondering how to pass the exam then you are not alone as there are hundreds of students who want to pass the examination. Our experts recommend talking to your supervisor to get an idea of what will appear in the tests. It would help if you jot down notes regarding the materials that you have so you can go through it with ease. We can guide you every step of the way, from narrowing down your materials to testing your knowledge by answering a series of questions not to mention advice on how to finish the exam with confidence.

Regardless of whether you are an undergrad or a graduate who will be taking a PhD comprehensive final exam, make sure that you ask for help from us. Thinking of ways on how to pass the exam? Here are the benefits that you can get in availing our services.

  • A team of experts: We hire individuals who are not just good at academic writing. They have extensive knowledge and professional experience in various fields.
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  • Customized professional expertise: Whether you need an expert for academic writing or for your comprehensive exam, we can provide customized services.

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