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What is a Comprehensive Exam?

editing process of the cumilative paperWhat is a comprehensive exam? Many graduate programs, particularly PhD programs, require scholars to take a PhD comprehensive examination (which are also known as major field exams, general exams, or preliminary exams) as part of their academic degree program. They seek professional help from different firms but first, they need to know that they are seeking these services from a reputable organization. Therefore, here are a few FAQs which we are often asked:

What Is a Comprehensive Exam and Other Frequently Asked Questions

What is a comprehensive exam?

Many individuals do not know the difference between comprehensive vs cumulative exam. A comprehensive exam or comp is a test designed for you to show your competency within your program and ensure that you are prepared to move to the next level (dissertation) of the degree. The examination shows that you have finished the required coursework and that you are ready to start the research and writing. Both comprehensive and cumulative exams should be taken seriously, as they are opportunities to show mastery of course material and demonstrate readiness to move on to the next step for training. A comprehensive exam is typically a standardized examination that is given near the completion of a degree or certification program. These exams are designed to assess mastery of all concepts required to complete the degree, and typically will reach across courses, years of study, and sometimes also encompass applied learning experiences as well.

What is a cumulative exam?

On the other hand, a cumulative exam is an exam that tests you on all the content since the start of the semester. A cumulative exam is typically given at the end of a course or class and is designed to assess mastery of all concepts taught within a timeframe. This timeframe is typically set by the instructor of the course but is usually quarterly or semester-based. The knowledge tested will have been taught or referenced throughout the course. Often times these exams determine the student’s grade in the course. If you need help with your cumulative exam, you can find it on our site.

What does cumulative exam mean?

The term “cumulative” means that it results from the gradual increase in material from day one to the last day of study. The exam covers all the content or topics that you cover during the semester. The main difference between a cumulative and a comprehensive exam lies in their timing. A cumulative exam is typically given as part of a course and must be passed with a satisfactory score in order to progress on to the next course. After successful completion of courses required for a degree program, typically there is a comprehensive exam, which assesses knowledge from all courses in addition to other knowledge that an authority has deemed required for a field of study. Think of cumulative exams as showing your readiness to graduate from a class and a comprehensive exam as showing your readiness to graduate from an entire program.

Who can help me with my cumulative final?

Often times, the cumulative final determines a major part of a student’s grade in a course. Often times, these finals may require a mastery of not only course material, but also the English language as well. Our professionals come from a broad range of academic masteries and are also excellent writers. Their combination of expertise and excellent written skills make us the perfect choice for all your cumulative final needs. Our top-notch services include proofreading, planning, writing, and formatting, to name a few. We are happy to help you through the entire cumulative final process and will present you with a final written product that is polished and ready for submission.

Why should I choose you?

We can offer you plenty. Our employees have earned their Degrees, MAs, and Ph.D.s at reputable institutions, so you do not need to worry about spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, or other such issues. Secondly, we are an organization of honest and hardworking individuals who want to assist you to know how to study for a comprehensive final.

What services do you offer? Do you only offer writing help?

Our primary service is writing. However, we also offer paraphrasing, editing, and proofreading services as well as advice and tips on PhD comprehensive examination that you can find on our web. After all, these services are usually the difference between passing and failing. Proofreading is especially critical to a non-native English speaker as we help you to organize your paper in a chronological manner.

What file formats do you support?

We understand that different organizations use different file formats. Therefore, we are committed to ensuring that we fulfill your specification by supporting various file formats. Additionally, if you are not satisfied with a certain type of file, we always offer you the opportunity to convert to your preferred version using our online media.

What if I am not satisfied with your work?

We guarantee you 100 percent satisfaction with our work. However, if you are not satisfied with it, we will offer a free review and revision as part of your order. We do not charge for a minor editing process and of course if we made some omission when we were completing the project. Feel free to learn more about our professional assistance.

How long does the writing process take?

The simplest answer is that it depends on the length as well as other specifications of your paper. Generally, our writers prefer to have about 12 hours per 5 pages (1,500 plus) order. This does not mean that we can’t offer faster services; however, it means that excellence and reliability cannot be rushed.

Who are the writers that I am going to work with? Do they have enough experience?

We can proudly state that our writers know how to write a final exam essay. All our employees are highly qualified and hold at least a Bachelor degree in their area of specialization. They also boast of many years of experience and we are known as one of the best formatting and submission strategies for PhD comprehensive examination.

What if my assigned writer has an emergency?

Sadly, emergencies do occur. Like any other business in a fast-paced world, we are accustomed to dealing with these situations and we ensure that we assign a new writer as soon as possible. While emergencies might create delays, this does not mean that your paper will not be completed on time and according to your specifications.

Can I see samples?

Absolutely, we have a lot of samples on our website that you can check and see the standard of work we provide. Also, you can check our latest review to have a feel for how the previous client rated us.

Is writing PhD comprehensive exam for student ethical?

We believe so. Initially, university systems were developed to further scholars’ practical knowledge but they found a way to lose these and started to determine a learner’s grade. Therefore, with the knowledge of how hard is doctorate written exam, we intend to ensure that you get all the points through offering you with guidance so that you can learn how to study for PhD comprehensive exam. Don’t hesitate to use our professional services.

How will I get my project once it is completed?

Your paper will be sent to you through email – as an attachment. If you prefer other formats such as Rich Text or Word Text or any other format, kindly let us know in advance, we will inform you if it is possible.

what does cumulative exam meanIn case of any other question or suggestion, please contact us 24/7. Ask us anything you wish to know and we will be glad help. For all your writing, editing, proofreading, revision, and editing services, seek the services from the best firm. We are a team of professional writers who specialize in different fields to ensure that we complete all your PhD comprehensive exam projects within the allocated time and with much efficiency.

Still confused about what is a comprehensive exam? Give us call and clear things up for you!