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The Most Useful Guide to Your Nursing Comprehensive Exam

nursing comprehensive examPreparing for a nursing comprehensive exam is necessary as this examination will test your knowledge about nursing and all of its aspects. You’re probably wondering what goes in on your comprehensive exam. Well, it depends mostly on the type of nursing major you are taking as well as the subjects that fall under the program that you are in. You will also have two options with your exam. Will you be taking the written exam or the oral exam? Whatever the coverage is in the written exam, it will the same as that with the oral comprehensive examination.

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Questions such as, “Which of these serves as a framework for clinical practice and nursing education?”, “Which assessment finding by the nurse would prohibit application of a heating pad?” are just a few examples of what you can find in the written test. It is also possible that you will come across questions like, “While preparing to start a STAT I.V infusion, the nurse notices the ground on the infusion pump’s plug has disappeared. What should the nurse do first?” The written exam will be multiple choices through the test can span up to two days. The question now is how you’re going to pay your examination.

How to Prepare for Your Nursing Comprehensive Exam

Undergrads and graduate students should not take their comprehensive exam lightly as this can be used as a gauge on your readiness to pursue your studies further. This means that you have to give your all when preparing for the exam so you can pass with flying colors. So how can you prepare for one of the toughest exams that you will be facing? Well, our experts recommend that you start gathering resources that are related to your field. Double check the latest on nursing that covers your area of expertise so you won’t be surprised when asked regarding current news in the nursing industry.

It is also a good idea to look for students who have already finished their exam so you can get an idea of the structure of the test. They may even give you an advice or two if you ask them regarding their examination whether oral or written. Taking down notes is also necessary during your study phase as this will help you remember important details about a subject or chapter. If you’re going to take notes using your computer, make sure that you add tags to them so that it will be easier for you to find them when needed. The nursing program is based on various courses that make the nurses well-aware of taking care of the patients. If you’re not sure about preparing for this exam, then you can rely on these tips for a successful outcome.

  • Learn the basics of nursing before heading to the subjects.
  • Follow the expert advice to avoid making any mistake. You need to pay more attention to those suggestions.
  • Take some breaks before starting to study the other subjects. It is important too.
  • Your entire focus must be on the crux of each topic. It helps in letting you know the purpose of studying it.
  • Never leave any topic and go through all of them.
  • Practice hard and hard before appearing for the exam.
  • Take a deep breath and read out the questions first. It takes some time to understand the questions.
  • Divide the time to complete all the questions.
  • Don’t use the vague language.
  • Proofread your paper in the end.

nursing comprehensive exam

Comprehensive Nursing Exam Professional Help

There will be times when you’ll feel overwhelmed with the number of materials that you will have to go through when preparing for your comps. We can help you sift through your materials so that only the essentials will be left for you to study, even if you are studying in UCLA. Our team is comprised of degree holders, professional editors, and writers, so you can rest easy knowing that a professional will be guiding you through your preparation for the examination. Our experts can provide you with insights on how a comp for nursing is structured, assist you in researching materials, as well as share some tried and tested tips so you can focus on your studies so you will be ready for your exam.

nursing comprehensive exam

If you need help with your nursing comprehensive exam PhD preparation, don’t hesitate to hire our service. We have been in this business for years now and we have helped students get ready for one of the most challenging tests that they will be taking. Simply choose the service that you want us to perform, pay the fee, and we’ll work on your paper quickly.

Choose our service and we’ll help you prepare for your nursing comprehensive exam in no time!