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Statistics Comprehensive Exam Questions: The Art of Success

For students who will be taking up their comps within the year, it is important you start your preparations as early as possible. Comprehensive exam questions may vary depending on what course you have taken but this doesn’t mean there isn’t any way for you to get ready for the biggest exam you’ll be taking soon. As a matter of fact, you have plenty of opportunities to know what questions may possibly appear in the examination proper by consulting with your supervisor or committee members.

Taking an exam requires a lot of preparation. Although there is no guarantee you can answer the questions if you prepare yourself really well then you have higher chances of passing. When you are already presented with questions, how do you answer comprehensive exams? Here are some essential things to keep in mind.

  • Address the question. You cannot give good comprehensive answers if you do not completely understand what is being asked from you. It helps you read the question again.
  • Answer the question to its full extent for as long as you have enough time.
  • Outline your answer in such a way which they are concise and all of the relevant points are mentioned. Support your answers with more details, data, and additional facts.
  • Follow your outline as you start writing. As you go, you can further improve it.
  • Develop your answer. Be clear about it. You don’t have to make any generalizations or be too broad about it without citation or data to support your claim.

How to Answer in the Right Way?

Before you reply to the questions in your final examination, you need to examine them thoroughly so you will understand what is being asked of you. Here are other tips and tricks which can help you pass your coms.

  • sample comprehensive exam questions and answersBreak down your answers. It would be a good idea to break down your answer to a question so that you will cover all the points you want to make.
  • Support your answers. When answering statistics comprehensive exam questions, make sure you can provide supporting details from relevant sources to help strengthen your answer.
  • Be thorough. Make sure you are thorough with your answers. Don’t leave a question without giving in-depth answers.
  • Proofread. This is an important tip which you should always practice regardless of whether you are just practising your answers or when you are in the exam proper already. Check for grammar errors and study the structure of your sentences to ensure they follow correct grammar rules.
  • Write clearly. The committee would prefer you answer clearly rather than going the circuitous route. Keep in mind you are dealing with professionals which mean your answers should be befitting your level.

Practice With Sample Comprehensive Exam Questions and Answers

help with comprehensive exam questionslist of 50 comprehensive exam questionsIt pays to start practising answering sample comprehensive exam questions and answers just so you can get a feel for what’s waiting for you in the long run. Look at previous exams which have been given to previous students even though the questions there may not appear in your test. If you are going to take the oral exam, it would be wise to put yourself in the shoes of the committee.

Ask yourself, “How is your answer true?” or “What facts do you have that can support your claims?” or even “What do you mean by this?”. These are all challenging MBA comprehensive exam questions and answers which you need to expound on so that you’ll be able to deliver a clear and concise answer to the committee. If you need more practice questions which fall within your industry, our experts can provide you with some which will really test your knowledge. Our team is composed of several doctorate holders who have the background and experience needed to provide adequate service to students who are preparing for their final test.

How to Prepare?

To pass the exam, you cannot just give an answer to your comp exam questions. Keep in mind in these kinds of exams, there are high expectations especially since it is already graduate school. Because of this why there are so many students who get anxious. Just by looking at PhD comprehensive exam sample questions won’t be enough. How do you pass the test? Here’s some good advice from experts:

  • Plan your review time and schedule. In any test, preparation is key. Your goal is to pass the test. But every day, you can set a minimum or small goals. For instance, in a day, you should be able to read this certain volume of materials.
  • Look for old exams. They might be old exams but they can definitely be useful since you will be able to know how the exams were conducted and the type of questions they might ask.
  • Select the materials or resources you are reading. Keep in mind you only have limited time, you cannot be reading everything.
  • Manage your time really well. Remember balance is key. You don’t want to be stressing yourself too much.
  • It is always best to consult experts who can give you insider tips on how to pass the examination.

comprehensive exam questions

Work with the Best

It’s important you start preparing as early as you can so that you won’t get caught off guard when you are already taking the test. We can help you do your research, analyze data, and even help you write documentation which is requested by the school. All this you have to do is choose the service you want to use with us, pay the fee, and we’ll get right on it. Our team of experts comes from various fields of specializations. The subjects we offer include the following:

  • Business and Management: From undergraduate, MBA to doctoral degrees, we have experts in business and management who can help you every step of the way.
  • Social Sciences: There are so many courses and subjects fall under social sciences. But with our experts, we can cover a wide range of courses and subjects.
  • Law: Need professional help to pass the bar exams or to write legal content? We have law experts who are licensed, lawyers or paralegal experts.
  • Computer Science/Engineerings: We also specialize in computer science and engineering.

Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance from us and we’ll provide you with challenging ones quickly!