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Sample Comprehensive Exam Questions and Answers: Passing COMPs with Success

Sample comprehensive exam questions and answers can help you prepare better for success with COMP exams. Writing and scaling PhD comprehensive final exam in one seating could be quite challenging. Preparing for the exams on its own could be very rigorous and time-consuming. Hence our samples, guide, and professional assistance can help make the difference with succeeding with COMP exams.

What Is a Comprehensive Exam? Preparing for PhD COMPs

A comprehensive exam is also known as COMP exams for short. It could also be referred to as preliminary exams or prelims writing, qualifying exams, general exams, or major field exams. COMP exams as preliminary examination are meant to test a graduate students’ competency during the program or course. The examination could take the format of a verbal and/or written manner. COMP exams could be required in some institutions and disciplines at undergraduate levels. But you mostly take COMP exams as requirements when preparing for PhD COMPs for doctoral programs.
help with preparing for phd compsIt is usually meant to test the student’s general knowledge of the field of study and not designed for a singular course. The manner, content, and procedure could vary from disciplines, institutions, and country to country based on their needs. Hence, the best way to get writers for doctoral COMPs is to first identify professional writing organizations like ours with specialty, experience, and understanding of your needs.

PhD Qualifying Exam Sample Questions

For doctoral programs in most cases, the student would be required to take comprehensive exams. It serves as an indication that the student has completed the necessary coursework. Seating for COMP exam helps communicate the students’ readiness to proceed to the dissertation stage in the program. Passing the COMP exams is sometimes a requirement for declaring a student as a likely PhD candidate. Please see site for PhD qualifying exam sample questions.

In cases where a comprehensive exam is taken at an undergraduate level, it is generally meant to test the student’s competency to conduct and undergraduate research. It helps as assess student’s readiness in the research area and field of study. COMP exams could be required after a master’s degree course when about to complete a doctoral program. It helps students earn a master’s degree in their field and attain status as a doctoral candidate. See more on PhD comprehensive exam tips underneath.

50 phd qualifying exam questions sample comprehensive exam paper

Components of Comprehensive Exams

Comprehensive exams could take several formats depending on the institution. But they mostly come as either written or oral. In some institution, it is both a written and oral exam. Read on to understand how to study for a comprehensive final exam.

  • Written. The theory or written form exams helps display the level of competence in the field of study. The examination could run online or at a university testing center. Within the first and second year of a doctoral program, students must take a series of cumulative written exams. The student must, therefore, pass a required number of exams cumulatively and moves on the other course requirements including submitting a research proposal for dissertation once successful.
  • Oral. The oral exams could also be referred to as orals when used colloquially. It is taken in most cases after the completion of coursework and immediately before the dissertation proper. The oral exams usually take the format of question and answer session on general aspects of the course. It could run for a few minutes to an hour depending on the institution. See information on how to passing qualifying exams underneath.

The Nature of a Comprehensive Exam: CPCE test

Taking comprehensive exams could be quite rigorous and tasking for most students whether for CPCE test, or major field examinations as well as other disciplines. Passing the exams make one an accepted PhD candidate and technically a Master of Arts or Science graduates if one applies for it. The format of the COMPs exam could include a face-to-face meeting, formal oral exams, and a review of the student’s academic portfolio, cumulative exams and the submission of an academic paper before the dissertation.

phd qualifying exam sample questions help

The countries where comprehensive exams are popular include the United States of America and Canada with countries like India and Pakistan. Countries like the United Kingdom might require students to take an M.Phil. the program before admission into a doctoral program. But before that, the student might be required to submit and defend a research proposal leading to their dissertation later when in the program.

How long should comprehensive exams be? For writing, it could be cumulative exams from the first and second year of the program. The oral exams could run for a few minutes to some hours.

Structure of Winning Doctoral Final Exams or Comprehensive Exam

Preparing for the exams

Besides ensuring that all needed exam materials for your doctoral final exams are in place long before the exams students should focus on their knowledge of the dissertation of choice and other research needs.

Attempting to answer the questions
  • Read the instructions first before going through the questions.
  • Skim through the entire question twice before attempting any.
  • For each question, underline the key or important aspects of the question before attempting to answer them.
  • Break down the answer into relevant key points.
  • Identify the facts and available data to support each key point.
  • Identify relevant examples to help back up each key point you intend using.
  • Attempt to answer each key aspect of the question adequately in an organized manner using the allotted time wisely.
  • Build your content along the lines of the outline and key points.
  • Summarize the responses for each question at the end of each answer.
  • Try to leave some few minutes to proofread your comprehensive final exam before you wrap up the work.
  • Relax and proofread your work because any fundamental error can make all your effort go in vain.
  • Check for error in spellings, check your grammar and tenses, omitted points, left out words, misused phrases, etc.
  • Look out for punctuation errors, transitions, subject/verb agreement.
  • Finally, read through entire work to see it flows coherently.

The Focus of Committee during the Review

Besides the comprehensive exam questions, the student’s preparation for the dissertation is usually done between the student and the committee. The student’s committee mostly includes the student’s supervisor and other advisors or professors from the institution but across faculty within the institution. The essence of the meeting is to select key areas to guide the student in terms of books and resource materials for their dissertation. There are also general standards for taking the COMP exams.

When standing before the committee for the oral examination, a lot of preparations must have gone on before the ‘D’ day. I dare say even last minute rush to dot the ‘I’s and cross the ‘T’s might still seem inadequate but here are some simple secrets to help you scale through the oral examination like a breeze!

  • Students’ readiness assessment. The committee wants to see how much knowledge of your field of study you have and how ready you are for dissertation research.
  • Students research knowledge base. The committee wants to assess how much you know about you:
  • Research methodology
  • Likely findings for dissertation
  • Operational terms and concept relating to the dissertation,
  • Important theories for the students would be dissertation and their relevance
  • Take courage. Understand that the committee is not out to make you fail but to ensure the best comes out of you. If you have done your homework properly and have all your materials in place then this is the time to shine. Be bold, face the committee and respond in a friendly, assertive and firm manner to their questions.

best phd comprehensive exam tips

What to Do When Things Go Wrong with PhD Comprehensive Exam

Some students fail to do a PhD comprehensive exam. But understand that failing COMP exams once, as a student you mostly have just one more try as a second failure would mean dismissal. However, a student who fails a COMP exam could be allowed to seat a second time. Failure at master’s level might lead to the student not been eligible for a doctoral program. A lot of students for the US program within the natural sciences approach the doctoral program without the master’s degree. Failure after the second attempt but with some strong points could result in the award of a terminal master’s degree with no option for doctoral candidature.

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