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9 Tips How to Pass Your Comprehensive Final Exam

comprehensive final examDo you study in Berkeley University? How can you ace your comprehensive final exam? This is probably on top of your mind now that you’re about to take on one of the toughest examinations there is. The MBA comprehensive exam is tough because it is the culmination of what you have studied throughout the entire course that you have taken. The exam proper usually covers a wide area which will test not only your knowledge but your skills in answering the questions either in written or oral form.

Of course, passing the exam is important because your professors or the school’s committee will use the exam to gauge how much you have learned already as well as determine if you are ready to proceed with your studies or not. So how can you ace your exam?

Q: What does it mean if a test is comprehensive?

A: A comprehensive test is a pretty stressful experience, such kinds of tests include the ability to give the answers comprehensive final exam tipsnot just over one idea, chapter, or section but the including the whole year program materials. A comprehensive examination that is usually passed by graduate students includes passing comprehensive tests. At times general comprehensive tests are interdisciplinary, they include various fields of study. It means that for Master’s degree, you will have to pass everything you’ve learned during obtaining the Master’s degree, the same is for MBA and other degree types.  The requirements set for the comprehensive testing will vary from department to department, they are also differentiated by faculty, university and country. The purpose of the comprehensive test is to determine the level of obtained knowledge and candidate’s eligibility to continue his or her course of study.

Q: What does it mean for a test to be cumulative?

A: A cumulative test is a kind of test that is passed by the student at the end of the particular period of studying, in cumulative final exam tipsother words from the very beginning. The cumulative test is different from the comprehensive as the cumulative test is built in the way when the one topic is based on another, plus new ones. The test is verifying if the student has retained all the information in mind that has been learned during the period, that gives the ability to build new knowledge arrays based on old ones.

comprehensive final exam

Tips on How to Pass Comprehensive Final Exam


  • Start early. Graduate programs will require you to build a committee for your comps so you need to set a date as soon as possible. For sure there will be paperwork that needs to be furnished so make sure you start on them as early as you can. Ask for a meeting with your committee so you will have an idea on what will be covered in your comprehensive final writing.
  • Build a packet. This is basically all the information that you have stored in an accessible place such as a Word document. Copy all the questions given by the committee. There will be instances where you will make your own questions based on the information provided by the committee members.
  • Give your answers. There is no order to answering the questions in your packet as you can tackle them in any way you want. Start by answering questions that you are already familiar with so you will have more time to prepare for the questions that are a bit difficult.
  • Edit. Don’t forget to review your work and make the necessary edits. Although you are the only one who will see your packet, it pays to have an easy-to-read content rather than papers that don’t mean much.
  • Start practicing. Although there is a chance that you will be allowed to take your exam using a computer, it pays to practice with pen and paper. This method actually helps you remember the information you are working on much better compared to tapping away in your computer
  • Polish your answers. At this point, you should polish your answers to make them more professional sounding. You’re probably comfortable with citing your sources so don’t hesitate to make changes to your answers.
  • Memorize. It pays to be able to memorize quotes from your sources as you may need to bring them up to back up your responses in front of a committee. Even if you don’t directly quote the writer, paraphrasing what they have said is enough as long as it contains the same idea as your source.
  • Role play. Have a family member or friend ask you questions on your packet and answer them. This will be a good practice for you especially if you choose to take the oral exam.
  • Be prepared both in mind and body. If you want to pass exams then you need to prepare yourself mentally and physically. This way, your mind will be at its top performance while your body can handle the stress of the examination period.
  • Ask for a professional help. If you want to pass your comps, but you don’t have enough time to prepare by urself, you can find someone who will help you to deal with it. Ask for a help from comprehensive final exam service and you will be prepared for your test faster.

comprehensive final exam

Need Help with Graduate Exams?

If you feel at a loss as to how you’re going to get started in preparing for your comprehensive final exam writing, you should come to us immediately. We have experts on board our team who can direct you on how to prepare your notes and even provide you with essential tips on how to tackle your nursing comprehensive exam. All that you have to do is to choose which service you want us to perform and we’ll get it done for you.

Hire our team today and we’ll help you prepare for your comprehensive final exam so you can ace it!